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MPI was established to support the social accommodation needs for residents living in mobile homes and often utilising  Government Assistance for their rental requirements. We work with Local Authorities throughout the UK and The Department for Work and Pensions to deliver sustainable and affordable mobile home accommodation and social housing services for all. 


Who we are 

A Mobile Property Investment company that offers a unique and  hassle-free approach to property investment, connecting investors  with socially responsible, economically sustainable and high  yielding investment opportunities in the UK. 

Providing investments that make a difference; by creating  affordable housing options that alleviate the current bottleneck  created by the current property market. 

As experts in the industry, we diligently search the market for opportunities that are at the forefront of reshaping the property  market, whilst our Business Development team work with you to  create a safe, secure and profitable relationship, based on mutual  trust and transparency, to help you realise your long-term goals. 

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