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Unique Concepts to Investing in the Future with Hassle Free Property Management 

Our Vision - Help shape a property market where investment and  provision meet the genuine demands of the consumers; we believe all investments should have a harmony of profit and provision — ensuring that all aspects market positively benefits from our activity. 

Our Goal - Become the premier investment provider for affordable housing solutions, Provide housing solution across the Care and Social housing sectors, Become a leading investment provider with a diverse portfolio of opportunitie



1 MPI submits a tenant  application and approval 

2 Pre-determination  communciation from the  local Government Authority & contract with tenant 

Investor Contracts for Unit 

5 Transportation of mobile property to site & installation 

6 Tenant rent received (via 

local Government authority) monthly & investment remit payments to investor 

7 MPI pays £8000 to investor and contract ends 

4 Mobile Property 



The Investment Process 

MPI makes a provisional application to the local council on behalf of each prospective tenant requesting the allotment of the required mobile home. A confirmation is subsequently issued by the local council via a journal confirming the tenancy contract as well as the rental income in principal for the respective tenants.

MPI thereafter begins seeking the investors for the purchase of the mobile homes in return for a six-year fixed rental agreement. 

The manufacturing process takes place next; once the order to produce the mobile property is placed with the production company .The entire production takes approximately 8-10 weeks per unit.

The mobile property is subsequently released and transported to the allocated site as agreed by the council.This is a one week process. 

Once on site, the council is informed of the move-in date The council remits the agreed rental payment to MPI. MPI pays the investor 

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