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The Mobile Home Story 

Social housing in the UK is at a critical juncture, with inflated property prices and a concerning amount of overvalued rentals affecting demand. Whilst Councils and Housing Associations are grappling with austerity measures, welfare cutbacks and economic uncertainty. This has caused a deficit in the supply of social housing as many associations have moved away from a model that provides low-cost housing to low -income households as their the primary focus to only addressing social housing as a small segment of their revenue model. 

Today, there are 1 .4 million households (more than 3 million people) on council housing waiting lists. The number of households in temporary accommodation stands at 61,970 - this has increased by 21% since 2010. 

MPI was established to support the social accommodation needs  for residents living in mobile homes and often utilising Government Assistance for their rental requirements. We work with Local Authorities throughout the UK and The Department for Work and Pensions to deliver sustainable and affordable mobile home accommodation and social housing services for all. 

MPI identified the need for property management to recognise,  understand and develop the knowledge of the mobile home sector and we assure tenants that our teams are culturally aware and trained to provide the best support for residents. 

To alleviate this market condition, MPI wish to utilise static homes  as a way to reduce strain on the country’s housing needs. We use your investment to manufacture and place static homes on multiple sites around the UK. We will then put tenants in the home and manage all property and rental associated activity for the duration of your contract. We pay you your dividend at intervals of your choosing (Monthly, Quarterly or Annually).. 

How are tenants being supported by us: 

Navigate through the Benefits System Understanding how the  benefits system works is not an easy process. We help easily  understand what is the best option to use when it comes to renting mobile homes through Housing Benefits/ Universal Credit.  Signposting Will help all our tenants and applicants to find the correct legal authority and assign you to the right council around your area. 

Completing the HB UC forms Provide easy and efficient support to complete Universal Credit, Housing Benefit and welfare support  documentation and we will help fill the HB/UC forms and check  your eligibility for residential mobile homes rental support. Liaise  with councils. 

Completing DHP Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) are  payments made by the local council to help with a shortfall in your Housing Benefit and MPI are able to assist with this process and  paperwork. 

Liaise with councils MPI are the middleman in the communication process between councils and tenants and will assist over the phone or through messages if special needs are requested to complete applications and paperwork. 

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